Welcome Fellow Patriot To The Great Awakening!

We are here to guide you during this incredible time to be alive. We are so lucky to be apart of history in this moment in time. It may not quite feel like it just yet, but I promise you we are headed to a far better place, we just need to get through the storm and win this Spiritual War. The Great Awakening is bigger than anyone of us could have ever imagined, even the ones who have been here since the beginning. This isn’t just a political battle. This is a Spiritual War between God vs Satan.. It’s the end of the cabal’s world not ours. Ours is just getting started. Before I dive into the great incredible picture of our amazing future. I want to share a personal story with you all to show you how I got to this point.

Hello, everyone, my name is Peter. I’m currently 32 years old and live in Louisiana. About four and half years ago my life seemed to have completely fallen apart. I felt I was living Murphy’s law about what could go wrong did. I became very depressed and lost my way, and faith. Everything seemed to crash down all at once and it was way to much for me to handle… I was very dumb for thinking this, because I eventually found God again and what a feeling and incredible awakening it was. I don’t think I would trade this journey in for the world because I am who I am because of this road. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare medical issue. I was rushed to the ER with a very weird issue. The issue was rather odd and I didn’t meet any of the criteria for this issue to keep happening over and over again. I went to so many doctors and specialist it felt mike a merry-go -round every doctor couldn’t figure me out, no one had a solution. I went to so many types of doctors all over Louisiana and other states near by. Finally, one doctor thinks they figured it out. I’m grateful and scared out of my mind at the same time. He recommends putting me on a chemo pill to solve the issue. I’m on so much medication already. It sucks I go through with it. I start off by taking the pill four times a day it completely drains me. Insurance sucked at the time and wound up racking up over 70,000 in medical debt. I couldn’t qualify for any benefits because of my job at the time. This leads me to the next issue in my life at the time.

I was working for my best friends, parents’ company. I had known these people my entire life and it started out fine working for them. As the years went on I started to realize these people were not who I had originally thought they were. I realized how greedy they actually were and not my second parents like I had considered them. In 2016 Louisiana went through a horrible flood, and not really caused by a hurricane, this was the start for them to reveal their true colors to me. I start having multiple issues over there. I find out that I was the of longest employees, and one of the hardest working they had, I was the lowest paid and wasn’t offered full benefits.  I literally was training new people making more than myself. I was also renting from my boss all money I made basically went right back to her for rent. I keep working hard for them, and eventually I get in a wreck in a company car. They want me to pay for the damages to the truck. They don’t fire me but move me from the field to the office. Cut my pay, again. I start then having more medical issues, so they allow me to work from home, but then cut my pay again. At this point almost all income I make goes right back to my boss for the rent to the home.

Around this same time, I finally meet the girl of my dreams. She is the most beautiful person inside and outside. She’s the entire package and I fall instantly for her. I wasn’t much for dating and unfortunately a tad overweight, nerdy guy with psoriasis. I would always screw up any relationship I had previously. Determined not to screw this one up I was going to do anything to try to win this girl over. We went out on a few dates, and I keep falling hard for her. Shortly into us dating, she gets a chance of a lifetime that she had been dreaming for. She got a job offer out of state. I truly didn’t want her to leave, but I knew it was a lifelong dream she always had. I didn’t stop her I knew I was in no place to prevent this since we hadn’t been dating very long. We did long distance for a while with ups and downs. I couldn’t let her go and she was constantly on my mind. For a little while we had split up, and in my mind we were still together. She was my only light I had at the time in a dark world. I couldn’t let her go I tried. We eventually would patch things up and tried long distance again. It seemed good again, but it was still long distance.

After high school I started becoming a conspiracy theory guy. I wanted to find the truth  I knew Mainstream media lied about everything. I went down some rabbit holes and some interesting theories. I start seeing more crimes against humanity and children and it really got to me. It really made me depressed. Having my world fall apart personally and learning of all this. I became, broken, depressed and doubting everything including my faith in God. I was born and raised Catholic and after confirmation I really stopped going, I felt I wasn’t getting anything out of it. The church just felt like a repeat of a never-ending cycle of rinsing and repeating. I begin to doubt God and wonder how this could happen to me and with all the evil in the world I stupidly didn’t think God was around. I felt I had been a decent person, but all was crashing down. I was so happy Trump won in 2016, but I wasn’t expecting him to do as much good for the world. In October 2017 Q comes onto the scenes. I started following the movement from the get-go and it was exciting. Q gave me hope for the country…. little did I know how much it would change my life.

I hit rock bottom one night and did the dumbest thing possible. It almost ruined everything. It needed to happen it allowed me to have a reset and it made me realize I needed help. A certain group of friends I had over time made me realize I needed to grow up and move on not healthy any more for my wellbeing.. I realized I needed a therapist to talk things over. My mom had wanted me to just find God again and seek help. I wouldn’t listen at 1st but this was the catalyst. I goofed up and God came to me and forgave me and I heard my grandfather talking to me who had just passed away. My mom prayed for a miracle and on his birthday Papa saved my my life.

Fast forward a few years I feel my life is starting to get on track slightly. I left my friends parents company. I started a new job and everything was going great. I love my new job its right up my alley, and what a great company and great people to work for and with. I’m still renting but I am making more money at least and much better insurance. I start talking to the love of my life again and everything is going great. Well until about a year into the new job. I wind up getting an entire new medical condition. I think it was caused by the chemo and other meds. This one I go to a whole new set of doctors. They figure it out and operate on me. I go on med leave after the surgery and I’m out of commission for about a month in 2019. I’m m told this will fix it, well my luck I have the issue repeat almost one month after I get back to work. I won tickets for the LSU national championship game what an experience that was. That same week I’m back in the hospital. During the last night there my entire life changes. This was in January 2020.

I am getting cranky and wrestles in the hospital. I get a vision from my grandfather. I see the pearly gates and he walks out. He says his famous “Hey kiddo”. He says hey kiddo lets hurry this up I got to get back to my bridge game. I feel like im floating above my physical body looking down on it. He proceeds to tell me seven things. ( I usually don’t remember dreams, this I remember everything.

  1. He tells me my body is weak, and God is giving me a wake-up call. He needs me for a very important mission, I only have one body and I am wasting it. I need to get my health and weight under control. Since the vision Ive lost 50lbs and continuing to work on it.

  2. He tells me I need to get my faith in God, back he says you are getting better, but it could be better. As of now for the 1st time in my life God is the focus no longer on the backburner. Before Video games, movies, sports, and hanging out with friends were my priorities.  Now God is the focus and I am a warrior for God in this Spiritual war that we are in. Thanks to my grandmother I got my faith back.

  3. He mentions a few personal things to me including what I needed to do with people in my life

  4. He tells me that the girl that I fell for I am meant to be with her but I keep screwing it up. He said you are to wrapped up in her and you need to let her go for now. She recently moved again for the job and he said that we both had things to fix. He said besides the incident in Nashville hasn’t happened yet. I’m like what do you mean…he said never mind don’t worry about it ill protect her. So fast forward to now she’s home. After 3 years she’s home. After having fall out with my group.. the day the last one left me she told me she was moving home. These people were going to be bad for my relationship with her and God. I have wanted nothing more than to be with her.

  5. 6 and 7 all have to do with Q and the Q-Anon Movement. He tells me Q is all real, but I was looking at it wrong. He said this isn’t a political battle, but a Spiritual War. He tells me its God vs Satan. He proceeds to tell me that I need to be the rock and calm during the storm. Peoples worlds will be flipped upside down as the truth gets out. People will doubt God and become depressed. I can’t let that happen like it did to me. I think many of us were chosen for this job. He said after the storm we will have heaven on earth for the 1st time in human history.

So that concludes the background story thanks for reading. Now I want to discuss the possibilities of what I believe we can accomplish. I think we are about to embark on a true renaissance for all of humanity. For far to long we have been led by a satanic cabal doing their absolute best to control us and keep us divided. We fight with each other and not the true enemy. These people have run a muck selling us out for personal power and money. The level of evil these people stooped to is unthinkable for most people to even comprehend. The good news is that we are about to expose and destroy this evil. I believe we are in the Battle for Armageddon we have just been misled by religious leaders and teachings. According to my multiple visions we will cast out this evil into the abyss and start building a new world. The Beast is the the CABAL or the NOW we will rid this world of their evil ways. They will either go to GITMO or choose death. Their time is up and its our turn now.

The new world we create will be led by people with good intentions. Evil may exist but it won’t be the primary focus anymore. This new world will be based on love, hope faith, and God as the focus. These evil people sold us out to better their lives than humanity. Soon we will transition from hell on earth to heaven on earth. The elites have hidden technology and cures from us. Running criminal empires through everything that controls us we will destroy that to better humanity. We will release the cures for diseases that could have saved many. We will release new technology hidden from us  for the betterment of humanity. Money will no longer be a huge issue for us to work jobs to provide for our families. People will work together to help humanity. Simple differences will no longer matter we will unite to work together. Currently we live a world plagued by evil and just stress, and hate. We will shed all of this like I personally did. Never in my life have Ive been happier. I allowed my mind, body and soul to open up my pineal gland (3rd eye) to connect directly to God and raise my spirits. Very soon this world will be going through the same level of Ascension to a state of mind and place. I know that may not make much sense right now. We will go from a 3D to raising the bar of our collective consciousness to a 5D playing field. Imagine being able to connect with God on a personally level. With all of humanity doing the same thing at once we can raise ourselves up and make Heaven and Earth one. Peace, love and hope will spread through out God’s land and make the world become united. 

In order to get here, we must get through some evil and horrible things. Do not be afraid we will survive but this must be exposed so we can finally destroy the evil once and for all. This must not be allowed to happen ever again. The amount about to be unleashed will seriously shock the world and be so upsetting for many. The matrix we live in will be shattered, but it must happen. We are all here for anyone who needs calming just know we will get through this. Just don’t give up  on God like I did. Surrender to God and he will bless you in so many ways. Follow his path not your own.


God is in control Satan is done for!


Please sit back enjoy show and I will be happy to be a guide, a rock and calm for you, or answer any questions you may have as we shatter the matrix.   

Remember it’s the end of their world,  not ours. Ours is just getting started

God Bless you all

God bless America

God bless the World