Are You Really Awake?

Having grown up in Switzerland, I, like many others, was infatuated with achieving the “American Dream.” I seized my chance to come to New York the moment I was able to so that I could chase that dream, a journey which led me to fall in love, start a family, and get a well standing job. While on the outside everything may have appeared perfect, nothing came without a struggle. I battled mental health, overcame addiction, got divorced, raised a daughter on my own, and fought my way with sheer determination to get a job that could support my family. Through my struggles, I was hired at a seemingly perfect job on a beautiful property where my daughter and I could live together. My life felt restored. My daughter was attending college at an Ivy League school, my faith was growing strong, and I was happy.

The last thing that was on my mind during these times were politics. It was never something I took part in, especially since I had not grown up in this country. Yet in 2016 after I saw Donald Trump coming down the escalator, it was like I suddenly got sucked up into the political world. Although I didn’t previously know anything about Trump besides his business success, something about him caught my attention. I could feel a movement taking place. Trump’s words felt so true and sincere that it was as if his speeches were directed at me. As inspirational as Trump was to me, I also took notice of Hilary Clinton and those who were a part of the opposition. The best way I can describe it is that they all felt crooked. Hilary’s words were as fake as her smile and the lies I began to hear from all the “fake news” got me so angry that I became completely invested in following the presidential campaign from start to finish.

As the attacks on Trump grew, I found myself under personal attack as well. With a single notice, I suddenly had no job, I was facing homelessness in 2-weeks’ time, and had no friends or family I could turn to for support. My daughter chose to postpone her education so that we could get through this together, and just like that we found ourselves living in the woods, struggling to find a home and to get our lives back together. Our only hope during that time was Trump. As we fought our way through the broken government system trying to get back on our feet, Trump was fighting to become our president. He was fighting for the forgotten man, for those like us whose voices were not heard. On one of our darkest days when we felt like giving up after weeks of futile efforts, my daughter and I watched the 2nd presidential debate by a campfire in the middle of the woods. Trump’s promise to us the people was our lifeline, and if Trump could fight against all the injustice and lies he faced from those who opposed him, then my daughter and I could get through this too.

By the grace of God, when election night took place, my daughter and I were able to watch Donald J. Trump become president from our own apartment. It didn’t matter that the apartment was bare of furniture or that we were living in one of the most liberal cities in the state, that night was one of the greatest victories of our lives. Little did I realize at this time that this victory was only the start to the battle.

As my daughter returned to finish her education, I decided to get a job that would allow me to support those who were struggling against the system just like us. As Trump was doing everything in his power as the head of our country to drain the swamp, I was fighting the system from the ground up. I work with people from all walks of life, from those with drug additions, to those with mental health disorders, to those in jail for murder, and to those who have been broken and left behind by the system itself. Although I always have Trump to look up to, living in a liberal state surrounded by those who believe all of the lies they are fed by the media has been an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. During the past 4 years of Trump’s presidency, the division that separates those in support of Trump and those opposed to him has turned into a gaping chasm. Although the movement behind Trump has grown, it has largely been a silent movement due to the violent oppression from the opposition. Whether it was due to the frustration of always feeling like I was fighting alone, or the helplessness of being surrounded by those who held true to the lies they have been told, I found myself asking God what the truth really was? Why did everyone in power want Trump out of office? Why are they fighting so hard to remove him by force when he has done nothing but bring wealth and peace to our country? Is it really just due to power? Greed? Corruption? Why are so many people being deceived by the opposition into believing that Trump is a monster? God showed me the answer…

A recently acquainted friend of mine began sending me information that I took to be crazy at first. Every link I clicked had even more shocking news than the previous one, to the point that I was afraid to click on the next link. This was my first descent into the Rabbit Hole, and I have been falling deeper ever since. Everything I uncovered began revealing pieces of the puzzle I did not even know were missing. My entire life up until this point had been a lie. That was when I realized that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but evil itself. In the short timespan of only a few months, I felt as if I was relearning the entire history of the Earth itself. Now I can fully understand the depth of the evil we are fighting against. This isn’t a simple battle for who gets to be the president of our country, but a battle for humanity itself. Though I have learned the depth of the evils we face, I have also been able to appreciate the absolute beauty of God’s plan to get us through this.

The hardest truth I’ve had to accept is what has been happening to the children. If the goal of evil is to destroy us and all the good that God has created, then there is nothing more evil than the suffering of children, the purest of God’s creations. The have been killed, tortured, and harvested in the most heinous ways possible that I have spent entire days crying at all I have learned. Yet I have also learned wonderful, ground-shattering information that brings me hope. There has been a battle of biblical proportions taking place without our realization, where our greatest warriors include even those we were led to believe were dead. Discovering that JFK Jr. is in fact alive and fighting alongside Trump for us was only the tip of the iceberg. God’s plan has been in place all along. It has been heartbreaking not being able to get others to have the same faith, even friends and family. All I know is I am finally awake. I’ve woken up from The Matrix and there is no going back. The rest of humanity will wake up in time as well, and when they do, we will all understand the same truth. We will finally be able to celebrate the unnamed warriors who have been fighting for us this entire time. Through out consciousness and our faith, we will make it happen. It is time to wake up.